Beach Wedding Aisle Ways

Beach Wedding Aisle Ways!


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Forever I Do Weddings and Special Events in Pensacola Beach Fl. offers many options to build the perfect look on your special day! 

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Starfish are natures way of walking you down the aisle.

9Starfish Aisle Way1028

Flower Balls are the perfect way to accentuate your beach wedding colors and theme!





Get a taste of paradise and put some pop! into your beach wedding with colored Parasols!!


Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings

Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings –
Look no further than Pensacola Beach or ‪Navarre Beach for your destination beach wedding !
Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach are rated among the nation’s top beaches and have everything needed for the perfect destination beach wedding – beautiful sunsets, miles of unencumbered stretches of sandy white beaches, vacation beach homes to fit everyone’s budget and Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. the Emerald Coast’s leading destination beach wedding experts!
Imagine this as the backdrop of your wedding……..
Photographs by Pensacola Life-the Page
  Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings    Pensacola & Navarre Beach Weddings
Don’t trust your special day to just any wedding planner – for destination wedding expertise, knowledge and experience call  Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. and let us turn your wedding day vision into reality!

#1 Ranked Beaches in the U.S.

#1 Ranked Beaches in the U.S.

Guess who’s beaches ranked #1 in the U.S. according to Trip Advisor?  Yep, Florida!

And how could they not, especially the beaches of #Pensacola and #Navarre.  Our endless stretches of white sandy beaches, along with our beautiful sunsets and the blue green water of the Gulf of Mexico makes for a SPECTACULAR #destination #wedding backdrop!  Why not make them yours?

#1 ranked beaches in the US5                    #1 ranked beaches in the US4                  #1 ranked beaches in the US                                                                                  #1 ranked beaches in the US3                #1 ranked beaches in the US2

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Photography by Pensacola Life

Military & 1st Responders Beach Weddings

Military & 1st Responders Beach Weddings

Are you Military or a 1st Responder (Military member, Military veteran, Deputy Sheriff, Police, State Trooper, Fireman, Paramedic or EMT) interested in a destination beach wedding or #wedding #renewal #ceremony? Contact Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. 850-376-2154 and ask about our #Military #member and #1st #Responder #discount.


Military & First Responders Beach Weddings

First Responder pic   Military and 1st Responders

Wedding Planner Concierge Service

Wedding Planner Concierge Service

Wedding Concierge Services

Are you planning a pre-wedding trip to #Navarre or #Pensacola #Beach to secure a #Wedding #Planner and view ceremony sites, reception venues, secure accommodations, etc.?  Our #Wedding #Concierge #Service is perfect for you!

Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. Wedding Concierge Service

Wedding planning, especially for a destination wedding, can be a little stressful – let our wedding planning concierge service eliminate that stress!

We are full swing in wedding planning season so openings are limited for this service.  Call and schedule today 850.376.2154 or email for more information

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With This Tattoo, I Thee Wed

With this Tattoo, I Thee Wed

by Cheri Pope, Pensacola Beach Weddings Info & Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc.

One of the growing trends in the wedding world is a wedding ring tattoo, something that we are seeing more and more of each year – last year 23 of our #PensacolaBeachWeddings involved ring tattoos.

With this ring I thee wed3

Some couples have concluded that, for better or for worse, there’s no better way to celebrate their love for one another than showcasing it on their ring finger with a tattoo.

With this ring I thee wed                                      With this ring I thee wed2                                                 With this ring I thee wed1

If you don’t want a traditional wedding ring, you may be a candidate for a ring tattoo.  There are plenty of variants – your wedding date with roman numbers or regular numbers, initials or the name of your spouse, hearts or symbols that mean something special for you as a couple.   Just remember, ink + marriage = forever.

If you want to have traditional rings but want something different for the actual ceremony, consider a henna ring tattoo .


Your Pet & Your Beach Wedding

Your Pet & Your Beach Wedding

by Cheri Pope, Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. & Pensacola Beach Weddings Info

Your pet & your beach wedding.  If your pet is so important to you that you want them to be in your wedding ceremony, well, you’re not alone! Including pets in weddings has become just one more way for couples to personalize their wedding.  We understand that pets are family, too, and invite your four-legged family members to join you as you exchange your wedding vows by the sea! I love dogs and am the proud owner of two very cute, very sweet and very spoiled rescue dogs Lonnie and Tommie Tucker.

Your pet & your beach wedding

All of our wedding packages can be customized to include your beloved pets, there are no additional or hidden fees to bring your doggies, and Pensacola Beach has the perfect pet-friendly locations to express your love for each other.

So, if you want to include your four-legged family members in your wedding, then do it!  Contact Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc. and start planning your pet-friend;y beach wedding!

Imagine this…..

Imagine this as the backdrop for your destination wedding!

Can you imagine this being the backdrop of your #destination #beach #wedding?  You can have it here in #PensacolaBeach or #NavarreBeach!  We have miles of unencumbered stretches of beautiful beaches perfect for weddings – stop just “imagining” your wedding looking like … Continue reading

Steampunk-themed Wedding

You’ve decided on a #steampunk theme for your #destination #wedding and now need some ideas – check these out!

Steampunk Theme Wedding Ideas

Then call #Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events to make it all happen!  850-376-2154

Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events Inc.

Steampunk wedding theme

Tipping & Feeding Your Vendors

Tipping & Feeding Your Vendors

by Cheri Pope, Pensacola Beach Weddings Info  and  Forever I Do Weddings & Special Events


Our rule of thumb is:  you tip vendors who offer you a service, not a product. For example, the vendor who created your invitations wouldn’t necessarily deserve a tip. Now, if you think that the invitation made your wedding beyond amazing, over the top, by all means give them a tip, however, it’s certainly not expected. The vendors you should tip are the  ones who are working their butts off to make your day perfect – planner/coordinator, photographer, videographer, band, DJ, etc.

Tipping is gracious and it’s kind, however, it’s up to you whether you tip or not.  I tell my clients if there’s a vendor at your wedding or reception that you believe deserves a tip, you should give them one. If there’s a vendor that you feel would normally get a tip, but they didn’t earn it, you’re not obligated to give it.

My clients do not deal with the financial aspect of their wedding on their big day; all tips are put into envelopes and given to my coordinators to distribute at the end of the evening or when that vendor’s service has ended. If you have hired a wedding planner she/he should offer to do this, if they don’t then ask them to.


On the night of your reception, feeding your vendors is a pretty key factor. There are several vendors that work many hours throughout your day and night and they have very little opportunity to take a break because they are busy making your big day vision come true. I know personally, as a planner/coordinator, it’s rare that I ever stop to sit down at any point during a wedding or reception. Many vendors indicate in their contract that you are required to give them a meal, my contract certainly does, not only for myself (your wedding planner/coordinator) but also for the other vendors present. These people are  your “wedding team”, the photographers, videographer, band, DJ, etc., and feeding them is simply a matter of treating them with respect.

You don’t want any vendors missing key moments in your evening so it’s crucial that you have very well-built timeline, one that let’s your vendors know when it’s safe to sneak off and grab a quick bite . If you’re working with a planner, this is one invaluable service they provide.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that your vendors should eat exactly what you and your guests are eating; it’s not necessarily quicker and easier for the chef and, because the vendor meal service inevitably  gets pushed back to after guest meal service ( because your guests always come first) this causes complications with your timeline.  When the meal is over, people get up and start dancing so (1) your entertainment needs to be performing, (2) your photographer needs to be snapping photos, (3) your videographer needs to be videoing… get the idea.  What ends up happening is your “wedding team” goes without eating because there’s no time.

So, when you send in your final guest count to your caterer or wedding planner, be sure to include the meals for your vendors and coordinate with your wedding planner a time that they can take a break and eat. This is a really fun and exciting time for you so, in order to make everything as awesome as possible, remember to take care of the vendors that are working so hard to take care of you.