Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

We are HUGE advocates of unplugged weddings! While we still occasionally have some couples insist on a plugged wedding, encouraging their family and friends to take as many photos as they want throughout their wedding ceremony, we are seeing more and more couples opting for an unplugged wedding, asking their guests to shut their phones, iPads, cameras, etc., off  and”be present” at their wedding. And for good reason.

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding

The debate of having a plugged or an unplugged wedding has been ongoing for years and is as hot this year as it has ever been.  Digging back in the archives I came across this article by Huffington Post:

Plugged or Unplugged Wedding

We ALWAYS open each unplugged ceremony with something similar to how this Minister did – we love, love, love what he said and might have to “borrow” it!

“Welcome, friends and family! Good evening, everyone. Please be seated. Dan and Jennifer invite you to be truly present at this special time. Please, turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. The photographer will capture how this moment looks — I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology. If Dan can do it, then so can you.”

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding2    Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding1


Couples pay hard earned money hiring our photography services and it saddens us when photos of their special moments are ruined by “guest photographers”.  Take our advice, think of your professional photographer and opt for an unplugged wedding – or risk your photos looking like this.

Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding3